I’m hungry 😋
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Chick-fil-a, Bottega Louie, Farmers Market, Sprinkles, The Grove, MILK, and ended our night at LACMA 😎 girls day success.
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Today marks our 3 year anniversary and I’ve spent some of my happiest moments with this man! I truly appreciate all the things he does for me and can’t imagine a world without him ❤
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My dad was telling me about these girls at his old college who invented a nail polish that paints on clear, and if you stir your drink with your finger with the nail polish on, it will react with the “Date Rape” drug and turn red.

Dude. It’s genius.


I saw this before and didn’t reblog it because it didn’t have anything to say how but now that there is a link saying how I wil reblog it.

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